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Messages from Earth

Crystalline Earth

I have a simple energy barometer. When I’m in joy and there is happiness all around, it’s my indicator that we’re in right energetic harmony on all levels and all is good. As a healer, there’s nothing to do!

When I’m in joy and there’s unhappiness all around, it’s my indicator that the group or groups are out of sorts and need some energy work to come into right harmonic relationship again.

When I’m not in joy and there is also unhappiness all around, then I know to look to the grid systems that are the fabric that weaves through and around all life.

That’s the state I woke up in today. Actually, it started a couple of days ago but I thought it was just the normal overwhelm of the 4th of July energies. Now the day after, this unrest and unease still sits heavily in my body, particularly in my lower abdomen. It’s a rock of immovable energy, robbing me of mental clarity and emotional joy.

A couple of weeks ago I went into my Golden Spiral Intuitive Listening to talk with the wind (which is still extra intense but doesn’t bother me anymore). Today I felt drawn to tune into Earth and hear what she has to say about these unsettling energies. Normally I ask questions about what I’ve been noticing, but today I just want to hear Earth and what she has to say. Most of all I want to be in harmony and right relationship with her again. I want my joy back!

Here is what I channeled from Earth in her voice:

Right now we are experiencing an intense battle of wills in the upper dimensions. Actually “battle” isn’t the right word, for battle implies there are two opposing forces with an unknown outcome. This outcome is known. Those in alignment with me will prosper in all ways and move forward. Those who don’t, won’t.

There is no other outcome for I am the planet whose purpose is to create life. There have been other planets in this solar system where life started but they were just experiments to understand certain aspects of life creation. In the nature of transformation, I am the third planet with Mars and Venus before me. The third aspect of transformation is always the one of Mastery.

If I am the planet of Mastery with life, then why is life currently in such chaos, you might wonder? I have been ready to bring in the next evolutionary phase of life for a while. I was waiting for certain shifts in the the starry heavens to start this next phase. That shift came with the Shift of Ages that you know as 2012 (but really started before that).

In this process of introducing the new evolutionary element of crystalline into life, there has been a release of the former bonds of restriction and control held in human groups. Many of these bonds were originally formed around misconceptions of me and how to survive. These have been carried into human thriving patterns as well. 

All life must be able to read energy to stay in harmony and alignment with me and ultimately to receive vital life force energy. This connection has been obscured with human group energetic overlays of restriction and control. The primary tool used by these human groups to control others is the emotion of fear.

This emotion is misunderstood by humans. At its essence it is a sensory enhancement tool. The brain centers of sentient beings can only focus on a limited number of sensory stimuli. What you call fear was a simple tool to temporarily enhance the brain centers to take in more sensory information. However  for humans, it has become associated with death. Now, if they feel fear, instead of waking up to the present and paying attention to incoming messages, they assume death is coming.

In the hierarchy of life, the first and highest level is systems. Next comes groups. You can see how I have promoted many different kinds of groups on the planet as a part of the experiment of life. Groups began as a means to enhance survival. They are in a shift now to enhance thriving. This shift has created great disorientation within human groups as they are unclear about what the group purpose is.

The third level of hierarchy is individual. It’s not the lowest level as in least important. It would be more accurate to describe it as the smallest level. When conflict of purpose and disorientation, which creates fear, builds up in an individual it can get released into groups. When conflict of purpose and disorientation leading to fear, builds up in a group it can be released collectively either into individuals or systems.

Over the weekend that is what occurred as a tremendous amount of emotional energy around the planet was released from groups into Earth grid systems. Assimilating tremendous amounts of energy in my grid systems is something I am well equipped to deal with from earthquakes to volcanoes to human drama. I easily and naturally seek homeostasis throughout my systems.

Groups however, are still recovering from the tremendous outburst of emotional energy. This outburst fractured the many restrictions held in and through groups. Those restrictions acted like a mirror instructing humans how to fit in on the planet. The mirror is now lying in many pieces and humans no longer know who to look to for guidance, particularly if they’ve lost their connection to me. There are many people in blind panic searching frantically through the jagged mirror pieces for their orientation.

The next step is for them to begin to realize nothing bad is happening. The mirror was not a true reflection of who they were. Nothing of real essence can be lost in this Shift of Age. Only the illusions. The escalation of human violence is a last attempt at trying to reestablish the bonds of control over other humans through the emotion of fear. It will subside.

If the grid system  you’re interacting with is chaotic and dissonant, connect to the grid system above that one or more accurately the “bigger one.” If that one is chaotic and dissonant connect to the next bigger grid system. The excess energy will dissipate throughout the other grid systems over time. As an individual connected to a harmonic grid system, you need to let groups reorganize without getting attached to the process. Group energy often shows up in the intestinal brain of humans. When the intestines are sorting through conflicting energy they shut down all thought process. When you encounter a great deal of resistance from someone they are in this sorting process. Give them space and time. Stay centered in your own connection to my harmonic grid systems and in the essence of your being. That’s all the needs to be done.

Coming back to the beginning about the known outcome of a perceived battle…how does free will and choice factor into this? At a spiritual level you have the free will and choice to be part of this experiment of life with me. If you don’t want to be a dance partner, you are free to leave and explore other systems in the Universe. Biologically, you don’t have free will and choice. You must align to my direction of evolution. I hold the codes of the future of life which are unfolding now in all my systems. Use your power of choice to align to them and join me in harmony for our next expression of life.

As I finish bringing in Earth’s message for me and us, I come gently back to this realm, my corner of Earth, in my awareness. My joy is back and I’m beginning to feel more centered, stabilized and balanced.

Spend time today and the coming days in quiet connection with Earth.

gia is a master of intuition and the healing arts. She’s offering two classes this summer: Master YOUR Intuition and Healing with Horses, held at her own beautiful lab (i.e. retreat ranch) of exploring life and self in the Rocky Mountains of Montana.




What the Wind Has to Say

tumblr_n8duz4nAIw1r3h6rqo1_500It’s been windy all month. If I lived in the valley, 12 miles from here, I would expect that. But here in my sheltered existence within the beautiful, canyon cliff walls, I’m not used to it. It’s been highly annoying and irritating to me. The chilly mornings are colder. Noon is hotter and drier. Our beautiful green grasses and wildflowers are drying up too quickly. At times I find myself hiding from the winds within my house. But there are creaks and squeaks and all manner of house sounds that make escape impossible. My sensitive ears want all those sounds to stop.

Frankly, weather has been weirder than usual these past two months in my corner of Montana. May was unseasonably cold. Then June came with greater warmth but also the winds. Blowing everyday—swirling, gusting, creating dust devils. The animals are uneasy with such winds. And so am I.

I’ve recently started a practice called Golden Spiral Listening. Focusing on the Golden Ratio and Spirals that my ears naturally hold, I can heighten my intuitive listening. Thinking about this new skill, I decided to quit resisting and surrender to the wind. I wondered what the wind wanted to communicate. What messages from around the world does the wind have to share? I pondered.

And so I sat outside in the sunlight and wind and began to listen…

Wind is, of course, the demonstration of the element of air. If it’s not blowing, we don’t really perceive it, even though we breathe this element 12-25 cycles per minute. Of all of our senses, the two which uniquely perceive the element of air are hearing and touch. Like faith is for discovering the unseen Divine, hearing the wind assures us of the existence of air. Listening to the wind, then, is an act of faith, as I shift from my strong visual and psychic sight to my listening and feeling senses.

The air element has a unique relationship to the element of earth and to the planet of Earth. Earthquakes are accompanied by high winds. Wind spreads pollination spores and then seeds to the element of earth to sprout new life.

The air element also has a unique relationship to water. They mirror each other with their swirls, eddies, spirals and sound. If you’ve ever watch wind in tall grass, it looks like moving water. At times listening to the wind, I can’t tell if I’m listening to the wind in the pines or the sounds of the rushing creeks that pass by this property. I recently read that the same molecule strings of smell move as equally through air, as they do through water.

Of course, air and fire also have a unique relationship. Fire needs air to grow and live just like all life does. The dance between air and fire is intense at times—blazing, out of control. Who is going to win in this fierce battle between air and fire? Without finding the balance, neither wins as the fire consumes the air and then has nothing to feed its spirit.

But right now, the wind is carrying a message to me to lighten up. Air does that…it aerates soil and water and makes a contained fire cheerful comfort. Wind invites me to experience this massive change we’re going through with a light, playful spirit. As soon as I receive that message and shift inside, it changes…

I hear this roaring in the tops of the trees. I am carried in my awareness to all those on Earth who want to be heard. There is a great power in the cries of the disenfranchised and oppressed. Earth has heard them and is sending her air element to let them know their cries for freedom will not go unanswered. I stand in witness to this “call and response” between Earth and her children.

The wind shifts my attention with a gentle breeze on my face. It feels like I’m being caressed and acknowledged for my presence on the planet. It also brings my awareness into my body so that I can pay attention to what it needs on a daily basis.

Receiving this message, the wind shifts again and shows me the fear in people’s hearts. Fear of this time of chaos and the great unknown that lies in front of us. The wind reminds me that we AREN’T in a time of unknown. We have lived through other times of great Earth Transformation before and carry the memory of the positive outcome in our spiritual DNA.

A friend of mine, who is a Feng Shui expert, recently quoted Winston Churchill to me: “We shape our buildings; therafter they shape us.” As souls incarnating in 3rd dimension, we’ve been shaping our precious Earth and biological life for a while. Now she is shaping us biologically and spiritually. The wind whispers yes to my musings of how that is unfolding.

And with that message I have found my resistance to the wind. My Higher Self/ Soul doesn’t want to be transformed by Earth. It just wants to come to Earth, deliver its Purpose and go home.

Not possible says the wind!

When I leave here at the end of this life, I must take the stories of Earth with me. The stories of Earth, plants, animals and the elements that are shaping us now. The story of transformation and creativity.

And so I receive these stories delivered by the wind. The struggles, pain and clashing of energies carried in the wind are just like the energy of birth. The beauty, love and miracles carried in the wind and then through my senses are also like the energy of birth. For birth holds both paradoxes….the struggle and the glory; the pain and the love; the grief of tragedy and the awe of miracles.

Thank you, wind, for these messages.

Thank you.

gia combs-ramirez offers private sessions for receiving messages from your Soul about your purpose, creativity and the transformation you are undergoing. She also offers classes and program in energy science. Her next in person class/retreat is Healing with Horses (heighten and awaken your animal communication!) Her current webinar offering is her unique Old Soul Program.



Boost Your Immune System to Resist Super Microbes

We are in a time of great planetary evolution. Microbes are evolutionary assistants and have become revved up or Super resistant in their roles as change agents. The best approach for you to stay healthy during this time is to boost your immune system. I don’t mean just during the winter months but all year. The supplements that I recommend range from mushrooms to flower essences to Chinese herbs and traditional supplements. This range helps support the immune system in a variety of ways.

Here are the supplements I recommend and where you can get them:

(Note: I do not have a financial relationship with any of these companies.)

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Chemical, Cellular and Systemic Balance in the face of stress: Super Adaptogen (Dragon Herbs)

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New Moon Reading for April

April Super New Moon

April Super New Moon

The energies of this month take us deep within ourselves. So deep, I found I could not make my normal video for the April New Moon Reading!

Before I explain further, let me first recap where we are. I do this a lot. It helps orient us and provide context how the planetary and other energies are playing out each month.

This year, even with the tremendous chaos in all of our systems and groups, our primary task is to position ourselves for next year. 2017 is the peak year of all of the transformation. Although it seems like just humans are going through the transformation, it is Earth herself who is transforming. As a biologically dependent species, we must align ourselves to Earth’s own evolution, or pay the consequences.

There are two major shifts happening. One is the shift from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age, a cycle of 2100 years. Piscean principles of spirituality are very different than Aquarian. The former involves the use of martyrdom as a tool to bring about change, as well as the hierarchy of a pyramid with a few at the top in power of many at the bottom. The promise of groups in the Piscean Age was that by giving up control to a few “Elite,” we would be protected from the scary world. The Aquarian Age is shifting that model with each individual as powerful in a group as the group itself.

The second shift is 10 times larger. I call it the shift from the Old Energy Paradigm to the New Energy Paradigm. It’s also known as the Precession of the Equinoxes or the Great Year. The cycle is 26,000 years long. That’s a big shift. The overall timing of the transition is 27 years or 3 cycles of 9. We are in the middle cycle. And next year is the middle of the middle cycle.

The middle cycle in transformation is always Chaos. We naturally fear Chaos but it comes with an amazing gift…Creativity. As we watch old systems and group structures dramatically change we often miss the amazing creative opportunities that are presenting themselves. We are living in a time when dramatic solutions to cancer and other illnesses will be discovered. When rapid cleaning of our oceans and reforestation of our trees will be accomplished. A new freedom for each individual will be available that embraces financial abundance and releases poverty. With only a cell phone, education for each individual on the planet will obliterate the class system of the educated versus the uneducated.

For these changes to occur a major shift is unfolding between the Elite (those forces wanting to remain in control of the planet and all humans) and Earth herself. Earth is choosing to break free from this hold on her by setting the course of her own evolution. Through a new energy system that has been awakened in the Great Shift of the Great Year, a new level of consciousness is arising. But not everyone is celebrating these new opportunities. The Elite is not going away without a fight. By using fear tactics, the Elite are in a last ditch effort to ensure that we don’t wake up and own our power.

Currently we are in a big shift of power. It started during last month. The first of three Super New Moons, March saw the battle increase in many dimensional realms. From the March full moon to this New Moon, there has been a major effort to stop those of us here who are helping with new levels of freedom and reclaiming spiritual free will and choice. I refer to this group as the Old Souls. This has shown up in many ways, including emotional intensity, mental confusion and the blocking of our higher senses, in particular the 3rd eye. Hearts and minds have been challenged with this onslaught. At a physical level there has been an increase in headaches, strokes and heart attacks.

For those of us who are awakened, aware and energetically sensitive…it’s intensity to the max. The good news is that the energies of April can empower us in and for these times.

Besides the moon energies of April, there are three planets turning retrograde. Retrograde energies aren’t necessarily “bad” as some astrologers predict. They can actually help us uncover new resources that we can bring out as we need. The three planets that are turning retrograde are Mars on April 17th; Pluto on April 18th; and Mercury on April 28th. It’s going to be a great month for introverts….and totally suck for extroverts.

Now, let’s look at each week of this moon cycle and find out what to expect:

April 7th New Moon: Typically a New Moon brings optimism with the promise of new potential. This New Moon has some of that energy but also an underlying despair to it that can show up as tiredness. There’s a dark night of the soul happening atmass consciousness level. Think of this as a curtain on a window blocking you from seeing the Light of the Day. We really don’t like blocks between us and Divine Light! There are good shifts happening behind that curtain, though, that is protecting us from “battle energies.” (Spoiler: The battle will go in our direction because we are aligned with Earth, the source of Life on the planet!) This being a Super New Moon (closest to Earth) we will definitely be more aware of our emotional nature AND the emotions of mass consciousness. Strengthen your individual sense of yourself, and don’t merge in with the crowd.

April 14th First Quarter:  This is a big week with both Mars and Pluto going retrograde, only one day apart. Mars is typically our planet of external action and vital life force energy while Pluto is the planet of transformation. When Mars energy becomes internalized, it can be used to strengthen the foundation or platform energies for what you’ve already manifested or are manifesting. Think of it as not being distracted by the craziness around you. You can use the energy to connect and align deeply to your creative purpose and not be distracted by everyone else’s crazy circus. Watch your timing, though, and ask yourself…Is now a good time to take action on (fill in the blank?) If you get yes, take action but be patient as Earth density will be greater at this time.

Meanwhile, Pluto retrograde increases your spiritual psychic energies. These kinds of energies are about “knowing” the answers without knowing how you know. When “cray cray” is happening around you and you ask, “What’s up with that?” You may get some surprising answers!” Internalizing Pluto (or feeling Pluto from the inside versus noticing it in the external world), will bring knowing about what changes you need to make in your life. This is actually nicer than having it forced on you from the outside. Think of it as a “heads up.” You get to have a new understanding about what needs to change and then time to plan how to get from where you are to where you want to be! Just be sure to take action and make some changes.

Ultimately, both of these planets help you stay in touch with yourself and not so involved or affected by the chaos of others. It’s the perfect time to state, “Not my circus, not my monkeys!”

April 22nd Full Moon: The Full Moon this week continues to build on the planetary retrogrades of Mars and Pluto. Let yourself vision but from an inner knowing place not from going outside of your body. Because many countries celebrate Earth Day on this day, this is a wonderful opportunity to honor Earth in all ways. The question to ask to spur the arising of inner knowing is, “What can I do for Earth this year?” Be open to the answers coming in visually, kinesthetically (a feeling sense) or in words. I use muscle testing to help define the message but divination cards are also great to use.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 28th but we will start feeling this around the 20th (or sooner). Turning retrograde 4 times this year, Mercury is helping us locate our own inner reference points or connection to the Divine. We are not using groups or others to help us connect to the Divine any more. Each of us has our own unique connection and relationship and Mercury is helping us develop that further.

April 30th Last Quarter: Typically this week is a slowing down of the moon month energies as we assimilate what we’ve been accomplishing and prepare for the next moon month (starting on May 6th). But intense activities in groups around the end of the month may disrupt this and pull us out of our deep inner focus created by the planets in retrograde. What happens may break our hearts all over again. Use Pluto to help you to get a good sense of understanding how it all fits in the bigger picture of things. Typically in times of tragedy our group energy is strengthened, but continue to strengthen your individual connection to the Divine and don’t fall into the group energy of outrage, grief or other dense emotions.

As always, thank you for reading and listening! Please share your wisdom on my Facebook page.

in love, light and appreciation,



Coming in May! Releasing Spiritual Blocks: Establishing Your Individual Connection to the Divine.


Punch Drunk on Moonbeams

Beach Vacay 2016

Beach Vacay 2016

Spring~Full Moon~Easter Week

This week of spring, full moon and Easter has been a potent time at the beach. Unprotected from Earth, the moon and all her rhythms, except by a thin skin of a tiny house, I have been immersed in these energies both inside and out.

The first day of my beach stay, I was filled with energy, strength and joy. Walking in the sand at low tide was easy. My body moved with ease and grace. The second was not so easy. I was uncomfortable inside and out. I forced myself to walk that day and only went half the distance. Every step felt like I was carrying a heavy burden.

On the night of the full moon itself I had wild dreams. Where did I go and who was I madly cavorting with? I woke disoriented, my eyesight still in two different dimensions. I felt hungover from moonbeams.

That day, the wind howled and the waves pounded the shore. I retreated from the outdoors and hid inside the little house. I took two naps and returned to the night-time dimension to finish whatever I had been doing. After the second nap I woke fully in this dimension. The wind didn’t stop howling, though until late evening. It drowned out the usual sound of ocean surf. My husband said, “What is going on? The world has gone mad.” By world he meant Earth. And my body still felt heavy and burdened.

Today I woke easily and early. The full moon (was it fuller last night or the night before?) hung over the ocean in predawn darkness, illuminating a path of light right to me. The ocean is calmer, but the waves still bigger than usual. No wind touches the palm trees. My body is filled with grace, ease and flow again. I ponder a personal meaning of Easter, of resurrection. I do feel resurrected. My unknown burdens have lifted.

I know resurrection as a form of transformation. It is the third phase that follows first the quickening that starts a new spiral of transformation, then sometimes the struggle in the second phase. The third phase usually brings a new level of conscious awareness. Resurrection, though, brings a new level of physical transformation called transcendence.

I wonder what my transcendence portends for me. Right now I’m enjoying my sense of freedom and joy. I am connected to Earth and all her living creations. Inside perfectly matching outside. How will I use this gift of a day?

How will you use this gift of your life?

Meet Your Ka Body | The Magic Spark Within

During this heightened time of chaos, the only thing you have to guide you is your own inner GPS, or as I like to call it…your Galactic Purpose System.
When I’m connected, I have drive, motivation and a strong sense of Purpose. My intuition is rocking it and I am inspired to take action in ways that creates great joy.
When I’m not connected, I feel flat and overwhelmed by my gifts of energy sensitivity. That’s when it feels like I’ve lost my way. Frankly, it’s unbearable and sucks big time.
It happens from time to time during Transformation. Since I just came through that sense of “losing my way”, I thought I would “hack” it and figure out just what was going on. Understanding the “what” and the “why” means I can develop a system to override those times, when they happen again.
To understand that feeling sense of losing your way, you need to understand your Ka Body. This subtle energy body is what reads energy all around and within you. It’s a direct connection to your Higher Self, your Guides, your Soul Purpose, the All That Is and more.
When I was young, I innately or energetically learned about my Ka Body from the horse herd that I hung out with. Horses are very connected to their Ka Bodies and use it to connect to the star grids of Light. I didn’t notice that I was using mine in the same way, I just knew I could read energy or the true essence of things.
As I developed my energy reading skills, I also tried to explain to others what I was doing. (For example, when a client talked about what was going on for her, I could read the source point of a certain challenge then clear at that level). It seemed so simple to do but I couldn’t understand why I got such a deer-in-the-headlights response from others.

Then one day I started reading Alchemy of Nine Dimensions by Barbara Hand Clow. In one of the chapters she talked about the Ka Body, a name I’d never heard of before. Everything she described about it, though, perfectly explained the missing piece about energy reading that I could never explain. Lightbulbs went off all over the place!
What really hit home was when she talked about having your Ka Body “in.” I knew immediately what she meant. That feeling of being connected, of being guided by my Purpose and Higher Soul came from having my Ka Body “in.” When it’s not “in,” I feel lost.
When it’s in, you feel magical, alive, and inspired. When you have your Ka Body in, and then disconnect, it’s easy to call it back in as long as you recognize that is the problem!
But what if you have never had your Ka Body in before? Having grown up with the horses from the age of 4, I have always had my Ka Body “in” so I haven’t known how to consciously do it.
So today I am to hacking the Ka Body! (Note: Hacking refers to figuring out how to do this in a shortcut way not being disrespectful!)
If you try this..please let me know how it works!
First, though, how will you know when your Ka Body is in? Here are some indicators:
  • Your mind feels sharper and clearer.
  • Your emotions are primarily joyful and uplifted.
  • You have a strong inner sense of “knowing” what to do.
  • You can sense your guides or a sense of guidance.
  • You feel the magic of life all around you and it responds to you.

So let’s give it a try.

First focus on the image below while asking to connect to the 6th Dimension. When you feel a shift, ask to meet your Ka Body:

Photo by Clea G. Hall

Photo by Clea G. Hall

Wait for the shift, then invite your Ka Body to “step in” and “hook up” with your energy systems.

Ask it to stay in while you operate in 3rd Dimension.

Do this every day for a while until it becomes natural to hold this energy.

This is the first step (and a very good one) and you might just be happy stopping there. But if you want to learn other groovy things to do with your Ka Body sign up for my 3 week program, kicking off in the energy of the Tibetan New Year, Feb 10th.

Learn all about it here!

in love and light and joy,


P.S. This is not my first attempt at explaining this energy anatomy. Read Your Spirit Ally and learn more about the Ka Body.

First Monday of New Year

Above the BubbleHappy First Monday of the New Year! Can I get a whoo hoo? Probably not! For some of you (certainly for myself), you may be not FEELING it yet.

For those of us who are aware and awake, intuitive and energy sensitive…looking at the year ahead can be a little overwhelming. I know I’m overwhelmed and I have a good sense of the potential of 2016 from my annual energy guide.

Let’s create a supportive moment for all of us before we jump on the roller coaster of a New Year. I have 3 energy tricks I use when I’m in overwhelm, denial or anything less than my normal state of joy for life:

1. I connect to the really big picture. In the winter I love to connect to the night sky. I let myself expand into the vastness of this amazing Universe we live in to get beyond my personal sense of not being enough. I am a part of the big, big picture! Just my presence and alignment makes a difference…so how can anything I do or not do in 2016 affect that? (Hint: It can’t)

2. I let go of needing to belong to Collective Consciousness. The need to belong is built into us both biologically and spiritually. After the heightened group experiences of December, this month can feel like a barren dessert. When you’re aware and awakened, watching everyone run around in the latest Collective Consciousness distraction can feel lonely.

If everyone is bleeting the same message on a social platform and you’re not feeling it…don’t let it invalidate who you are. We are in a time of heightened Chaos, but we’re also in a time of heightened Creativity. This demands you celebrate your uniqueness. Before anything else..belong to your Self. Commit to connecting to that inner creative voice and finding joyful expressions for it.

3. I create a perfect day (as defined by me) out of just one day. Part of me is looking at the big picture (2016!) and wondering how I fit or belong in that. Because I am so energy focused, I want to have all my intentions lined up for the year. But I don’t have it figured out yet. And that leaves me stalled out and in procrastination. If I don’t have those answers yet, it’s because my energy body is still ordering and organizing itself. Until that’s done, I won’t get an intuitive sense of my inner GPS.

Which brings us back to…it’s the first Monday of the New Year. For me, Monday’s are always about taking care of 3rd Dimension details especially finances. Instead of flipping into fear with all of the unknowns out there, I bring empowerment to my actions for the day. We all know what we want with money…prosperity and abundance! I’m going to celebrate that potential even though I don’t know how that is going to happen yet. Some part of me has it all figured out and I’m going to align to that, get out of my way with any fear and doubt and enjoy the journey!

We are Lightworkers and Old Souls. Instead of approaching our lives from “work” and “old” let’s resolve to lighten up and celebrate the new! Let’s call ourselves Lightplayers and New Old Souls! I can get on board for that and I can bring those qualities into this day…and let the rest of the year take care of itself.

At the end of today, I’m giving myself a standing ovation. And I’m giving you one, too.

In love, light and joy of all of us and of just you,

gia combs-ramirez

P.S. Want some help this month charting your course for the year? Sign up for a session with me! We’ll take a look at your big, big picture and align your 3rd Dimension expressions and actions to it all. It’s not just information but energy magic, too!

4 Days Left to Name Your Own Price

Energy ToolboxIt’s Monday…groan!

All that energy from the past 4 days is waiting to be assimilated but the “mundane” world of bank accounts, work, cleaning, grocery shopping, checking emails, etc. is staring you in the face.

In Mexico, they call it the Monday Flu. You know… when you just want to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over your head. And yet, not only are there all the normal catching up things to do,  there are also the external directives pushing for New Year’s Resolutions already!

Or maybe you are the one feeling tip top and ready to go, but everyone else around you is in overwhelm of some sort. Energetically, it gets you coming or going!

These are the times I’m so grateful for my energy tool box. I can strengthen my own individual energy when the group energy is feeling draggy, or I can feel more connected with others when I’m feeling vulnerable and need more support.

I can also do an energy session on myself to help assimilate energies such as the expansive, full moon energy of Dec 25. In my New Moon Reading for December I spoke about those energies and instead of getting overly expanded with them, anchor them into your cells like adding energy to a battery. Using my energy session from my toolbox, I get instant rejuvenation and regeneration!

Or if my family feels off, I can do a group session to help shift us into a greater level of consciousness…helping all individuals with their challenges.

These are some of the energy techniques in my toolbox that I use everyday. At the very least it makes me resilient in these times of accelerated change and intense energy. But I don’t want to just be surviving these times. I want to be thriving, as well. Addressing my energetic nature with these energy techniques provides that.

Which is why I have put together THE essential energy toolbox for you in a homestudy program. Not only can you do this in just 2 weeks (the techniques are easy to learn and use, but you want to give yourself some time in between the energy activations), you can also do it slower as well. Such is the power of managing your own time with a homestudy program.

But here’s the really kickass part…it’s being offered on a donation basis. Yep…any amount that works for you will get you in the door to this program. Called the Golden Keys of Transformation this program is streamlined to three essential keys to energy management, healing and manifestation.

If you’re a new timer to energy and you take this program…you’ll be starting at the top!

If you already have some energy skills, these will be like a rocket booster to you.

And if you already signed up for the program…congratulations! You are giving yourself a chance to transform energetically first instead of the usual way of “crash, boom, bang” through 3rd dimension. (Please consider forwarding this email to someone you think might be interested and benefit from the program as well.)

The Donation Promotion for the Golden Keys of Transformation ends Dec 31 at midnight Pacific Time. Get in the door now with a price that works for you with this incredibly valuable toolkit. Even if you never USE the tools…just going through the program is fantastically healing on so many levels.

These are the best energy tools on the planet for right now. Won’t you try them out?

In the energy of love and light,

gia combs-ramirez
The New Science of Energy Healing

P.S. Check it all out…The Golden Keys of Transformation…and join the awesome fest!

How and Why to Assimilate the Energy of 2015

Assimilation Tool

Assimilation Tool

If you’ve missed my New Moon Reading for December, it is now up on YouTube. You can listen to it here: New Moon Reading. The highlights of the month are about this incredible New Moon Energy this weekend coupled with a potent dose of the energy of the Divine Feminine.

Other highlights are the Full Moon on December 25th along with Uranus going direct. Translation…major energy expansion! I offer some suggestions about what to do with all that energy besides partying.
There’s one part of the New Moon Reading where I suggest that this month is a good one for assimilating the energies of 2015. As I start to do speak of that…I get completely overwhelmed with the energy of the year! I got a “deer in the headlights” look at that part of the recording!
I realized I would need a bigger plan of action for assimilating the energy of 2015 and this weekend I’ve been creating one that you can use, too.
Why is it so important to assimilate the high points of 2015? It allows you to build on your success and spring into a new level of potential in 2016. Below I suggest how to do this along with a fun graphic you can use for your own assimilation.
This coming week is the best week energetically for “wrapping up” the energy of 2015. The energy after this week expands tremendously then contracts into a mercury retrograde in early January.
Here are some suggestions for the two main actions to take for wrapping up 2015:
1. Assimilate. Go back through the year, month by month and write down all the great things you did or accomplished each month. These might be internal achievements or external manifestations.
Focus on the highs, the unexpected bonuses, the “nailed it” manifestations. As you write down these memories, really give yourself a standing ovation, and a round of applause and acknowledgement for all that you achieved.
What were the unexpected patterns that emerged from it all? What are you ready to build on? Come up with a one or two description of your personal successes for each month then create a mandala of each month’s highlight in the shape of a spiral. Below is the one I created for myself (I put individual achievements on the outside and other notable moments on the inside).
2. Let Go. On a separate paper, write down all that failed to materialize, crashed and burned, or didn’t reach its fullest potential or that you abandoned. Bless those attempts and perceived failures or mistakes and let go of  the emotions of disappointment, grief, resentment, pain and anger from around your heart. Now burn that paper in a beautiful ceremony of release.
You’ll know you’ve completed assimilating and letting go when your heart feels freer and your intestines feel lighter. The energy of your back loosens up and your front opens in peace and readiness for what’s next.There’s a whole new level of clarity for you when you think back on 2015. In spite of all the chaos in the world, you moved forward in so many ways! Let your individual achievements be what stands out in your mind when you look back on the year and not the global chaos.
Please accept my gift of the graphic shown above so you can record your 2015 Highlights! You can download it here: https://app.box.com/s/k226b03p599i53pwlvswzfxzjb5r7m8p
Now, that you’ve assimilated and let go, it’s time to start dreaming and visioning for 2016. Please join me for the annual 2016 Energy Reading Guide. It’ll be ready to send to you by the end of the week.
In appreciation of you and your mastery this year,
gia combs-ramirez

You Have The Tools for These Times

We are living in unbelievably challenging times…both great and horrific. It’s the acceleration of those events, though, that is the greatest challenge of all. A life-changing event happens in the world and we barely have time to assimilate it when another event happens.

The planet is going through massive transformation but the chaos level is off the charts! Our brains don’t work well with total chaos. Our senses get overwhelmed and our brain wears out trying to make some kind of “sense” of it. We can end up spinning out, giving up, or feeling hopeless and despairing.

And yet we have been preparing for this time. On some level of our multi-dimensional self we knew AND we came prepared. It’s just that in the chaos we may have forgotten about our tools. Here are 3 that you carry within you:

Sacred Inspiration

Sacred Inspiration

Tool #1: Sacred Inspiration
What inspires you? What are you most committed to from a spiritual level? For me it’s reverence of life. Your most sacred inspiration is found deep within you in the I AM spot…your unique connection to the Divine. Go within and connect to that spot (it’s located about an inch below your navel and deep within) until you feel it well up and fill your entire being.

Then look to those who inspire you for guidance on how they overcame challenges and chaos. The great spiritual leaders in the world such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Yogananda, Wayne Dyer, Ghandi, Pema Chodrin, Brene Brown to name a few, have not just shared their wisdom with us but have lived that wisdom in their own challenges and struggles. See the change they brought into the world and take heart that you, too, are bringing change into the world through your sacred inspiration.

I have a kind of crazy logic when my left brain fails to find inspiration…these inspiring teachers would not have come here to share their greatest wisdom, if the task was impossible. And the same goes for us. Now is the time to double down on this inner knowing that arises from the I AM spot and be the inspired calm in the center of the storm of chaos.

Divine Creativity

Divine Creativity

Tool #2: Divine Creativity
We are innately creative by nature. Creativity THRIVES in chaos. It LOVES chaos because the limiting structures of form have released and there is nothing to hold it back!

Because the Divine is a Creator Divine, expressing your creativity in the world is also exploring your unique relationship to the Divine. There is such joy in this exploration. As you explore more deeply who you are through creative expression, you are also exploring more deeply who the Divine is. We may be experiencing extreme chaos on the planet at the moment but the Divine is all about sacred order through geometry. The above picture is the pattern that Venus makes with Earth as they dance together around the sun. Now THAT’S Divine Creativity!

We can’t see our own beautiful pattern that we are making at the moment but from the right viewpoint and somewhere in the future we will.

The trick is to take creative action. Going into hibernation, or the freeze of immobility is NOT a good response. Express new levels of your creativity in response to the shifting external world.


Excelling with Highest Potential

Tool #3: Excelling with Your Highest Potential
Now is not the time to hold back or play it small. Step into your power and trust yourself to use it appropriately. This is the time to bring forth your highest and best potential. Don’t hold back ANYTHING! Release that inner resistance to change and embrace the wild power present on the planet. Use it to spiral to new levels of yourself that you can hardly imagine even exist. I promise you…you will love the outcome!


Here’s to YOUR best year,

gia combs-ramirez