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Meet Your Ka Body | The Magic Spark Within

During this heightened time of chaos, the only thing you have to guide you is your own inner GPS, or as I like to call it…your Galactic Purpose System.
When I’m connected, I have drive, motivation and a strong sense of Purpose. My intuition is rocking it and I am inspired to take action in ways that creates great joy.
When I’m not connected, I feel flat and overwhelmed by my gifts of energy sensitivity. That’s when it feels like I’ve lost my way. Frankly, it’s unbearable and sucks big time.
It happens from time to time during Transformation. Since I just came through that sense of “losing my way”, I thought I would “hack” it and figure out just what was going on. Understanding the “what” and the “why” means I can develop a system to override those times, when they happen again.
To understand that feeling sense of losing your way, you need to understand your Ka Body. This subtle energy body is what reads energy all around and within you. It’s a direct connection to your Higher Self, your Guides, your Soul Purpose, the All That Is and more.
When I was young, I innately or energetically learned about my Ka Body from the horse herd that I hung out with. Horses are very connected to their Ka Bodies and use it to connect to the star grids of Light. I didn’t notice that I was using mine in the same way, I just knew I could read energy or the true essence of things.
As I developed my energy reading skills, I also tried to explain to others what I was doing. (For example, when a client talked about what was going on for her, I could read the source point of a certain challenge then clear at that level). It seemed so simple to do but I couldn’t understand why I got such a deer-in-the-headlights response from others.

Then one day I started reading Alchemy of Nine Dimensions by Barbara Hand Clow. In one of the chapters she talked about the Ka Body, a name I’d never heard of before. Everything she described about it, though, perfectly explained the missing piece about energy reading that I could never explain. Lightbulbs went off all over the place!
What really hit home was when she talked about having your Ka Body “in.” I knew immediately what she meant. That feeling of being connected, of being guided by my Purpose and Higher Soul came from having my Ka Body “in.” When it’s not “in,” I feel lost.
When it’s in, you feel magical, alive, and inspired. When you have your Ka Body in, and then disconnect, it’s easy to call it back in as long as you recognize that is the problem!
But what if you have never had your Ka Body in before? Having grown up with the horses from the age of 4, I have always had my Ka Body “in” so I haven’t known how to consciously do it.
So today I am to hacking the Ka Body! (Note: Hacking refers to figuring out how to do this in a shortcut way not being disrespectful!)
If you try this..please let me know how it works!
First, though, how will you know when your Ka Body is in? Here are some indicators:
  • Your mind feels sharper and clearer.
  • Your emotions are primarily joyful and uplifted.
  • You have a strong inner sense of “knowing” what to do.
  • You can sense your guides or a sense of guidance.
  • You feel the magic of life all around you and it responds to you.

So let’s give it a try.

First focus on the image below while asking to connect to the 6th Dimension. When you feel a shift, ask to meet your Ka Body:

Photo by Clea G. Hall

Photo by Clea G. Hall

Wait for the shift, then invite your Ka Body to “step in” and “hook up” with your energy systems.

Ask it to stay in while you operate in 3rd Dimension.

Do this every day for a while until it becomes natural to hold this energy.

This is the first step (and a very good one) and you might just be happy stopping there. But if you want to learn other groovy things to do with your Ka Body sign up for my 3 week program, kicking off in the energy of the Tibetan New Year, Feb 10th.

Learn all about it here!

in love and light and joy,


P.S. This is not my first attempt at explaining this energy anatomy. Read Your Spirit Ally and learn more about the Ka Body.

First Monday of New Year

Above the BubbleHappy First Monday of the New Year! Can I get a whoo hoo? Probably not! For some of you (certainly for myself), you may be not FEELING it yet.

For those of us who are aware and awake, intuitive and energy sensitive…looking at the year ahead can be a little overwhelming. I know I’m overwhelmed and I have a good sense of the potential of 2016 from my annual energy guide.

Let’s create a supportive moment for all of us before we jump on the roller coaster of a New Year. I have 3 energy tricks I use when I’m in overwhelm, denial or anything less than my normal state of joy for life:

1. I connect to the really big picture. In the winter I love to connect to the night sky. I let myself expand into the vastness of this amazing Universe we live in to get beyond my personal sense of not being enough. I am a part of the big, big picture! Just my presence and alignment makes a difference…so how can anything I do or not do in 2016 affect that? (Hint: It can’t)

2. I let go of needing to belong to Collective Consciousness. The need to belong is built into us both biologically and spiritually. After the heightened group experiences of December, this month can feel like a barren dessert. When you’re aware and awakened, watching everyone run around in the latest Collective Consciousness distraction can feel lonely.

If everyone is bleeting the same message on a social platform and you’re not feeling it…don’t let it invalidate who you are. We are in a time of heightened Chaos, but we’re also in a time of heightened Creativity. This demands you celebrate your uniqueness. Before anything else..belong to your Self. Commit to connecting to that inner creative voice and finding joyful expressions for it.

3. I create a perfect day (as defined by me) out of just one day. Part of me is looking at the big picture (2016!) and wondering how I fit or belong in that. Because I am so energy focused, I want to have all my intentions lined up for the year. But I don’t have it figured out yet. And that leaves me stalled out and in procrastination. If I don’t have those answers yet, it’s because my energy body is still ordering and organizing itself. Until that’s done, I won’t get an intuitive sense of my inner GPS.

Which brings us back to…it’s the first Monday of the New Year. For me, Monday’s are always about taking care of 3rd Dimension details especially finances. Instead of flipping into fear with all of the unknowns out there, I bring empowerment to my actions for the day. We all know what we want with money…prosperity and abundance! I’m going to celebrate that potential even though I don’t know how that is going to happen yet. Some part of me has it all figured out and I’m going to align to that, get out of my way with any fear and doubt and enjoy the journey!

We are Lightworkers and Old Souls. Instead of approaching our lives from “work” and “old” let’s resolve to lighten up and celebrate the new! Let’s call ourselves Lightplayers and New Old Souls! I can get on board for that and I can bring those qualities into this day…and let the rest of the year take care of itself.

At the end of today, I’m giving myself a standing ovation. And I’m giving you one, too.

In love, light and joy of all of us and of just you,

gia combs-ramirez

P.S. Want some help this month charting your course for the year? Sign up for a session with me! We’ll take a look at your big, big picture and align your 3rd Dimension expressions and actions to it all. It’s not just information but energy magic, too!

4 Days Left to Name Your Own Price

Energy ToolboxIt’s Monday…groan!

All that energy from the past 4 days is waiting to be assimilated but the “mundane” world of bank accounts, work, cleaning, grocery shopping, checking emails, etc. is staring you in the face.

In Mexico, they call it the Monday Flu. You know… when you just want to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over your head. And yet, not only are there all the normal catching up things to do,  there are also the external directives pushing for New Year’s Resolutions already!

Or maybe you are the one feeling tip top and ready to go, but everyone else around you is in overwhelm of some sort. Energetically, it gets you coming or going!

These are the times I’m so grateful for my energy tool box. I can strengthen my own individual energy when the group energy is feeling draggy, or I can feel more connected with others when I’m feeling vulnerable and need more support.

I can also do an energy session on myself to help assimilate energies such as the expansive, full moon energy of Dec 25. In my New Moon Reading for December I spoke about those energies and instead of getting overly expanded with them, anchor them into your cells like adding energy to a battery. Using my energy session from my toolbox, I get instant rejuvenation and regeneration!

Or if my family feels off, I can do a group session to help shift us into a greater level of consciousness…helping all individuals with their challenges.

These are some of the energy techniques in my toolbox that I use everyday. At the very least it makes me resilient in these times of accelerated change and intense energy. But I don’t want to just be surviving these times. I want to be thriving, as well. Addressing my energetic nature with these energy techniques provides that.

Which is why I have put together THE essential energy toolbox for you in a homestudy program. Not only can you do this in just 2 weeks (the techniques are easy to learn and use, but you want to give yourself some time in between the energy activations), you can also do it slower as well. Such is the power of managing your own time with a homestudy program.

But here’s the really kickass part…it’s being offered on a donation basis. Yep…any amount that works for you will get you in the door to this program. Called the Golden Keys of Transformation this program is streamlined to three essential keys to energy management, healing and manifestation.

If you’re a new timer to energy and you take this program…you’ll be starting at the top!

If you already have some energy skills, these will be like a rocket booster to you.

And if you already signed up for the program…congratulations! You are giving yourself a chance to transform energetically first instead of the usual way of “crash, boom, bang” through 3rd dimension. (Please consider forwarding this email to someone you think might be interested and benefit from the program as well.)

The Donation Promotion for the Golden Keys of Transformation ends Dec 31 at midnight Pacific Time. Get in the door now with a price that works for you with this incredibly valuable toolkit. Even if you never USE the tools…just going through the program is fantastically healing on so many levels.

These are the best energy tools on the planet for right now. Won’t you try them out?

In the energy of love and light,

gia combs-ramirez
The New Science of Energy Healing

P.S. Check it all out…The Golden Keys of Transformation…and join the awesome fest!

How and Why to Assimilate the Energy of 2015

Assimilation Tool

Assimilation Tool

If you’ve missed my New Moon Reading for December, it is now up on YouTube. You can listen to it here: New Moon Reading. The highlights of the month are about this incredible New Moon Energy this weekend coupled with a potent dose of the energy of the Divine Feminine.

Other highlights are the Full Moon on December 25th along with Uranus going direct. Translation…major energy expansion! I offer some suggestions about what to do with all that energy besides partying.
There’s one part of the New Moon Reading where I suggest that this month is a good one for assimilating the energies of 2015. As I start to do speak of that…I get completely overwhelmed with the energy of the year! I got a “deer in the headlights” look at that part of the recording!
I realized I would need a bigger plan of action for assimilating the energy of 2015 and this weekend I’ve been creating one that you can use, too.
Why is it so important to assimilate the high points of 2015? It allows you to build on your success and spring into a new level of potential in 2016. Below I suggest how to do this along with a fun graphic you can use for your own assimilation.
This coming week is the best week energetically for “wrapping up” the energy of 2015. The energy after this week expands tremendously then contracts into a mercury retrograde in early January.
Here are some suggestions for the two main actions to take for wrapping up 2015:
1. Assimilate. Go back through the year, month by month and write down all the great things you did or accomplished each month. These might be internal achievements or external manifestations.
Focus on the highs, the unexpected bonuses, the “nailed it” manifestations. As you write down these memories, really give yourself a standing ovation, and a round of applause and acknowledgement for all that you achieved.
What were the unexpected patterns that emerged from it all? What are you ready to build on? Come up with a one or two description of your personal successes for each month then create a mandala of each month’s highlight in the shape of a spiral. Below is the one I created for myself (I put individual achievements on the outside and other notable moments on the inside).
2. Let Go. On a separate paper, write down all that failed to materialize, crashed and burned, or didn’t reach its fullest potential or that you abandoned. Bless those attempts and perceived failures or mistakes and let go of  the emotions of disappointment, grief, resentment, pain and anger from around your heart. Now burn that paper in a beautiful ceremony of release.
You’ll know you’ve completed assimilating and letting go when your heart feels freer and your intestines feel lighter. The energy of your back loosens up and your front opens in peace and readiness for what’s next.There’s a whole new level of clarity for you when you think back on 2015. In spite of all the chaos in the world, you moved forward in so many ways! Let your individual achievements be what stands out in your mind when you look back on the year and not the global chaos.
Please accept my gift of the graphic shown above so you can record your 2015 Highlights! You can download it here:
Now, that you’ve assimilated and let go, it’s time to start dreaming and visioning for 2016. Please join me for the annual 2016 Energy Reading Guide. It’ll be ready to send to you by the end of the week.
In appreciation of you and your mastery this year,
gia combs-ramirez

You Have The Tools for These Times

We are living in unbelievably challenging times…both great and horrific. It’s the acceleration of those events, though, that is the greatest challenge of all. A life-changing event happens in the world and we barely have time to assimilate it when another event happens.

The planet is going through massive transformation but the chaos level is off the charts! Our brains don’t work well with total chaos. Our senses get overwhelmed and our brain wears out trying to make some kind of “sense” of it. We can end up spinning out, giving up, or feeling hopeless and despairing.

And yet we have been preparing for this time. On some level of our multi-dimensional self we knew AND we came prepared. It’s just that in the chaos we may have forgotten about our tools. Here are 3 that you carry within you:

Sacred Inspiration

Sacred Inspiration

Tool #1: Sacred Inspiration
What inspires you? What are you most committed to from a spiritual level? For me it’s reverence of life. Your most sacred inspiration is found deep within you in the I AM spot…your unique connection to the Divine. Go within and connect to that spot (it’s located about an inch below your navel and deep within) until you feel it well up and fill your entire being.

Then look to those who inspire you for guidance on how they overcame challenges and chaos. The great spiritual leaders in the world such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Yogananda, Wayne Dyer, Ghandi, Pema Chodrin, Brene Brown to name a few, have not just shared their wisdom with us but have lived that wisdom in their own challenges and struggles. See the change they brought into the world and take heart that you, too, are bringing change into the world through your sacred inspiration.

I have a kind of crazy logic when my left brain fails to find inspiration…these inspiring teachers would not have come here to share their greatest wisdom, if the task was impossible. And the same goes for us. Now is the time to double down on this inner knowing that arises from the I AM spot and be the inspired calm in the center of the storm of chaos.

Divine Creativity

Divine Creativity

Tool #2: Divine Creativity
We are innately creative by nature. Creativity THRIVES in chaos. It LOVES chaos because the limiting structures of form have released and there is nothing to hold it back!

Because the Divine is a Creator Divine, expressing your creativity in the world is also exploring your unique relationship to the Divine. There is such joy in this exploration. As you explore more deeply who you are through creative expression, you are also exploring more deeply who the Divine is. We may be experiencing extreme chaos on the planet at the moment but the Divine is all about sacred order through geometry. The above picture is the pattern that Venus makes with Earth as they dance together around the sun. Now THAT’S Divine Creativity!

We can’t see our own beautiful pattern that we are making at the moment but from the right viewpoint and somewhere in the future we will.

The trick is to take creative action. Going into hibernation, or the freeze of immobility is NOT a good response. Express new levels of your creativity in response to the shifting external world.


Excelling with Highest Potential

Tool #3: Excelling with Your Highest Potential
Now is not the time to hold back or play it small. Step into your power and trust yourself to use it appropriately. This is the time to bring forth your highest and best potential. Don’t hold back ANYTHING! Release that inner resistance to change and embrace the wild power present on the planet. Use it to spiral to new levels of yourself that you can hardly imagine even exist. I promise you…you will love the outcome!


Here’s to YOUR best year,

gia combs-ramirez

Earth Speaks and I Respond

The recent developments in Paris have left us heavy with grief, fear, and helplessness. Today I awoke with a strong desire to get a different viewpoint about it and looked to Earth, herself, for guidance. Here is what she said to me:

Gaia speaks: I am the creator of all life. Each individual life form is a cell in my body. For a living organism to prosper the individual cells must be connected in a common vision—my vision. I choose the direction forward for all of life to be sustainable. Now I am transforming myself and therefore all life in a new direction. This transformation is happening quite rapidly and causing chaos throughout all my systems.

The old grid system that I used to sustain life is no longer operating. I use grid systems or ley lines to provide vital life force energy to life and to communicate or inform through energy pulses. I have a new system in place and in the past several years almost all of life has aligned to this new grid system, except for humans. They are the only species that has choice whether they connect to it or not. I am not fond of free will and choice. It makes my work of sustaining life harder. But this is the agreement I entered into many years ago when those from other places in the Universe asked me if they could work with the human species to develop “seeds” for bringing life to other parts of the Universe. And so your evolution has been one of transformation as well.

Free will, means that you can choose to shift with me or not. You can choose to awaken or not. Only those who connect to my new grid system, however, may continue to evolve and transform.

In the old grid system, highly traumatic events were often a way that humans used to “awaken” others to begin their transformation process. Highly traumatic events are no longer awakening humans because they are not connected to the new grid system. Instead these traumatic events serve to promote an emotional response that ultimately feeds those who are not shifting and transforming. I have ensured that these individuals will eventually pass away by not sending them any vital life force energy. Like a cancer cell, though, they have found ways to ensure their short term survival. They have been encapsulated so that they may not spread into the rest of life on the planet. The question then, is whether humans as a species will evolve with me and reach their highest potential through their own transformation or whether they will become part of my history like other species such as the dinosaurs. 

It is up to humans, now, to determine whether they will align with me and the evolution of life, or whether they will fade away. Although each individual human has free will and choice, groups do not. Groups, herds and packs are a mechanism to ensure survival. Until now there has only been two ways to shift a group. Expend tremendous energy at an individual level to shift a group or withdraw all energy from that group so that it is no longer sustainable. Since anything horrendous is immediately broadcast now throughout the world it is impossible to withdraw all energy from certain groups. So they will continue to survive from the emotional response that they create from their anti-life actions.

Now there is a third way. For this to work, each individual must stand as a global citizen, outside of nationalities, cultures, races, and creeds and declare that groups that are not choosing to align to me, to life, must step into the new grid system so that they can evolve and begin to transform into a higher expression of life. Only then will you see the transformation you have been waiting for in the human species. And only then will you reach your highest level of potential as the eventual carriers of life throughout the Universe. 

It is time to decide the future of your species—will it be one of destruction and domination or will it be one of cooperation and equality? Hatred for life or love for life? Transform into your highest potential or disappear as a failed experiment?

gia’s response: My take-away from this communication is that humans must choose for themselves whether they will align to Earth’s new grid system. If they don’t, they can’t transform into higher potential, nor can they evolve with all of life. As an individual, I must honor free will and choice even if that is one of destruction. But as a global citizen I may declare “NO!” to those groups who are choosing to dishonor life and to not evolve and transform.  As a global citizen, I may declare that these groups of shock and terror must connect to the new grid system and begin to transform on all levels, reaching higher levels of order and organization and truly honoring and respecting all life. Or they may disappear like the dodo bird.

The ability to transform is the key here. For myself I am tired of being emotionally jerked around by groups who are masters of manipulating emotions to provide energy for their continued survival. These groups are choosing not to transform. I choose that they DO transform. This isn’t just “wishing, praying or sending love” on my part. This is a very active stance of using the powerful energy tools and techniques of transformation that I have been working with for the past 11 years. And I am ready to offer these tools and techniques to anyone who is willing to take a stance with me about the direction of our evolution.

These energy tools speak directly to this information in several vital ways:

  • They shift you into the new energy grids where vital life force can be found
  • They promote alignment to Earth’s evolution as well as human’s transformation
  • They give you a specific tool to use as a global citizen to address all groups and to shift them into the new grid system and transform them into expressions of cooperation, love and equality.

Starting today, I am offering these webinar programs on a donation basis. Why any monetary exchange at all? Because there must be some level of energetic exchange to activate your will and choice, and money is the easiest form to do this with (in lieu of traveling here and chopping wood or feeding horses for us). There must be an energetic exchange of some amount but you will decide what amount works for you.

You will also have to do your part and learn the tools and techniques. It can be done in 2 weekends. There is a special energy chart that you will be asked to do as well. Maybe that’s all you do…or maybe you continue to use these tools for the rest of your life. The important thing is that now, in this important time on Earth, you stepped forward and add your conscious intent to the intent of Earth.

With the power of all of us as global citizens we can turn a transformation movement from a ripple into a roar. Will you join me?

For more information please go to this page: Transformation | Hear Us Roar

Take OFF Your Mask | 2015 Halloween Special

Today marks the last Super Full Moon of the year. We had six of them! Super Full Moons are when the moon is the closest in its orbit to the Earth. They have been front and center with transformation this year, especially with your emotions and emotional body.
In celebrating Halloween, Super Full Moons, and this time of year, I’m offering 30% off my individual sessions. To make this special even more special, there is no limit to the number of sessions you can sign up for or when you choose to use them (Note: This year I won’t be doing any private sessions in December).
BUT! The special is over October 31, 2015 at midnight (mountain time).
How could you use a private session?
  • If you feel you’ve been through rapid expansion and transformation and want to bring that new level of potential into your work, health, or relationships, I can help you create the bridge between the new you and the new expressions of you.
  • If your focus is on understanding your new level of potential from all the transformation you’ve just been through, I can help you link your  spiritual consciousness with your mental/heart consciousness. It won’t take away the magic, but it will make it more concrete for you!
  • There’s been a wave of loved ones, guides, and new energy beings  showing up in personal energy fields (the filters between dimensions are down!). A private session can connect you consciously to them and help interpret their information and messages.
  • Take off your masks and get to know the real you! Masks are your identities, created in the personality sleeve of the body. They are useful for operating in the third dimensional Earth, but not if they block you from connecting to your core essence. We are so very powerful at a core level that sometimes it scares us to connect to that part of ourselves. It’s easier than you can imagine and with me as your guide…not at all scary!

Individual sessions are filled with grace, magic and the Divine. I am blessed to get to connect with the awesomeness of you and share it so you and your world experience the awesomeness, too.

Sign up for your special session and let’s get started!

Note: A 60-75 minute private session includes information as well as energy work. Our live session is recorded for you to listen to as often as you like. Regular fee is $300/session. The Halloween special is $200/session. You may sign up for as many as you like and use the sessions whenever you want or need them (no expiration date) according to the availability on my schedule calendar. Sign up for five and you save an additional $100…an overall savings of $600!
The Promotion for individual sessions has ended!
In the mood for another promotion? My homestudy program for becoming a Master of Transformation is  30% off until Nov 2.

New Moon Reading for October

Welcome to another New Moon Reading! If you didn’t watch my September new moon reading that included information about the super full moon eclipse, I highly recommend you do. A lot of what’s happening this month is all about what we did in September as you assimilate that energy in greater ways.

Doesn’t it seem like the beginning of September was another lifetime? The energy of that month was turbocharged! I used it to rapidly bring in my new book: The Way of Transformation: Discovering the Divine Map to Unlock your Highest Potential. I accomplished in 3 weeks what normally would have taken me 8 or 9 months.

If you weren’t in hyper creative action mode last month, you’ll have a lot of energy still to assimilate throughout your inner self as well as into your life areas around you. This process shifts your  inner landscape dramatically and radically and you may not know who you are anymore. Your old reference points about who you are in the world are gone and the new ones haven’t come in yet. Bring your awareness into the core of your body, tune into your breath and heartbeat and you will easily find your new reference points.

When you bring that new awareness, which is also a higher vibrational energy into your life areas, you may find you get push back or resistance. Hold your boundaries while people and circumstances shift to your new vibration. Now is not the time to back down or be a marshmallow.

Before I do the reading for the month, I wanted to share with you some of the very interesting energy anomalies that are affecting time and also how we manifest. When I look at Earth energy right now I see a layer of energy, call it the 5th dimension, that is filled with light and joy. Underneath that is a denser layer… the third dimension that we exist in. The top energy slides over the denser energy, altering time and making manifesting choppy. Time can be glitchy…seeming to jump forward very fast (where did the day go?) or it can stretch out and last a long time. My guides tell me this has to do with the changes the sun is going through, and that if you switch to moon time you won’t feel this time weirdness so erratically. Moon time, of course, means paying attention to the moon cycles, which you are doing when you listen to these readings…aren’t you smart!

The dense energy in 3rd dimension is also slowing down manifesting for those of you who work with Law of Attraction or Crystalline Consciousness Technique. In my new book The Way of Transformation: Discovering the Divine Map that Unlocks your Higher Potential, I talk about the Golden Mean Spiral that is everywhere around us. If you tune into it, when you are manifesting, it will help navigate through this density. Those of you who are working with your Crystalline Energy System, need to tune into the Crystalline Energy Field around you. This field is a field of oneness that is not affected by different dimensional changes. Your Crystalline Energy System knows how to locate it and connect with it. You’ll feel a lift in your mind and emotions when you’re connected. If you haven’t listened to the Crystalline Energy System activation yet, you can do so right here.

So the new moon for October is on the 12th. Many of you have deep heart yearnings, sadness and longings at the beginning of this moon month. So many people and animal companions passed over this past month, some at the end of their life and some quite violently. This Earth we are currently inhabiting doesn’t feel like “ours” anymore and we may feel a homesickness for our starry homes. Be gentle with your heart this week.

This can also show up in tiredness and lack of energy. Perhaps it seems nothing could inspire you right now. Pay attention to the starry heavens and night and feel your heart fill up with energy from your starry home. You aren’t alone down here as your Star Home family shows up energetically for you.

In the second week beginning October 19th, the energy begins to build again toward another super full moon. Keep your focus on yourself and your immediate family. The rest of the world is going to continue to be a bit crazy for a while with sudden and shocking incidents. Don’t get caught up in the drama and chaos but instead focus on your own creativity and expressing it in positive ways in your life. This channels the leftover energy from last month that hasn’t been assimilated yet, into positive forms and raising vibrations on the Earth.

The third week brings the 6th super full moon of the year. The first three were Jan, Feb, and March and this second set began in August, followed by the super full moon eclipse of September. A super full moon is when the moon is the closest in its orbit to Earth. The moon can affect our emotions, but also what we are creating and bringing into the world. Above all, it can heighten our intuition, and empathic sensitivities. If you are feeling run over by emotions during this week, make sure they are YOUR emotions and not someone else’s. I use energy techniques from Crystalline Consciousness Technique to help me with empathic sensitivity. If you don’t have CCT tools in your toolbox, trees can help by grounding you and aligning you to your purpose and starry home. Find a favorite tree and sit with it for a while.

The super full moon in October falls on the 27th. If you have trouble sleeping, don’t stay out under the full moon for a long time. It’s like drinking double espresso. This is also around the energy of Halloween when a lot of lost souls are released from Earth and are zooming around trying to find their way to the right astral realm. Halloween costumes are actually a way to protect people from those dispossessed spirits from attaching to them energetically. If you’re not in the mood for costumes, call in more protection for you from your starry home family and have them guide any lost souls attracted to your light to the right realm.

The final week of this moon cycle brings in a distinct shift in gears for the planet. Remember the saying, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way?” The planet is deepening into a very intense phase of evolution and growth and we can either step into our leadership roles as Earth advocates, align to transformation through our thoughts, energy and actions, or literally be sidelined. My guides are showing me that being “sidelined” is like dropping off a sheer cliff. If you’ve been coasting in your life, or just trying to “get by” until this intense Earth transformation is done, it’s time to shake off your dreams and visions and get active again. Remember there is no retirement for Old Souls!

If you’d like some help and inspiration figuring out what you need to do now, please sign up for a private session. And if you’d like to work with the Divine Map of Transformation, check out my Crystalline Core program starting on the new moon in November. And both my books are free on Amazon for the next two days. Check them out!

New Moon Reading for September

Particle Stream from Black HoleThis is the transcript to the YouTube video which you can watch here.

This is such a big month energetically, I decided to do my new moon reading earlier. With so much to talk about, this reading is going to be longer than usual, but it has some pretty interesting and useful information for you. You might want to take notes!

Besides the new moon on the 12th or 13th depending on where you are located, it’s also a super new moon, meaning it’s the closest to Earth in its path. There’s also a partial solar eclipse on the 13th, and Mercury goes Retrograde on the 17th until October 9th. Because we start feeling the energy of Mercury going retrograde before it happens, we’ll be feeling it by the time the New Moon kicks in. Equinox is on September 23rd and there’s also a total lunar eclipse on September 28th, the night of the full moon which is part of a series of full moon eclipses also making it significant.

And then there are many, many predictions about this month and next which I’ll just touch on in my Cliff Notes version. September 28th is considered the day an intergalactic wave of energy will sweep through the planet possibly causing huge earthquakes, crashing of the stock market, geomagnetic storms, and weakening magnetic shields all leading to a shift in consciousness on the planet. Some are saying it’s the time of moving into the 5th dimension. More and more people are expected to just “lose” it with these shifts including some government officials. Hmmm, I think that has happened already!

So…do we crawl into our beds (after we stuff the last of our money in the mattress), pull the covers over our head and come out in November?

The short answer is no.

The longer answer involves understanding how transformation of consciousness works, how to assimilate incoming energy, how to orient in times of chaos, and the emerging crystalline energy system along with the new crystalline grids of the planet. With a little understanding and some energy techniques, September can end up being your best month ever. At the very least, it doesn’t have to be something to fear.

Ready? Here we go…

My unique point of view comes from studying how transformation works for the past 15 years. I did this through my own love of personal growth and also through an energy modality called Crystalline Consciousness Technique. When this energy modality dropped in during a meditation, it didn’t really come with a handbook that explained the how or why of it. It was like those video games that you have to figure out as you play it. Weirdly what I got figured out will help us all during this month.

There are several pieces to this. The first one is about transformation. We are all transforming. Also known as evolution, growth, ascension, and awakening….everything in the universe is transforming.

Transformation occurs in a spiral, either up or down. An upward spiral is energy moving into higher levels of order and organization as well as higher consciousness. A downward spiral is energy that is moving into lower levels of consciousness and eventually entropy, or the loss of ability to organize itself. Basically just elements with no consciousness. I’ll come back to this part in a minute.

For whatever reason, whether it’s astrological, solar flares, a meteor or some huge wave of galactic energy, there is a lot of influx of energy on the planet this coming month. This actually happens all the time. As living beings we are used to assimilating energy and ordering and organizing it. We do this with sunlight, with food, with sound and vision, with solar flares and even radio waves from out in the galaxy.

Because the planet’s in chaos as it undergoes it’s own transformation, the energy will “hit” or bounce off of living beings and ricochet around creating more chaos for a while. You’re first task during this month is to assimilate energy. Then let your energy systems order and organize it so that it works for you at a conscious level.

Another task is to stay oriented when it gets chaotic. People who seemingly go crazy are often in a state of extreme disorientation energetically, something that is known as spiritual madness. The soul, which exists in various dimensions at the same time, needs to stay oriented. If not, a person’s energy will reach out and grab at anything, like a drowning man pulling someone down who has come to save him.

To assimilate a lot of energy and to stay oriented there are several things you can do. One is to be still and quiet. Rest a lot. When there’s a lot of extra energy the conscious mind literally doesn’t work that well anyway.

To stay oriented you want to find the God spot within you…this is an inner knowing place that immediately orients you. When you connect to it, it’s like you remember…Oh that’s right! This is who I am and this is where I am and this is what I’m doing! This spot is located deep within us about an inch below the belly button. You know you’re connected when you have this feeling state of deep knowing arise within you. To connect use your imagination and imagine that you are connecting to a deep inner knowing place…this will direct your energy to it.

The other place to connect to for orienting is your sense of the Divine “out there.” However, when there’s a lot of chaotic, swirling energy in the “air” it’s harder energetically to locate that orientation point with your energetic senses.

A final way for orienting is through a sense of time. When all the swirling energy is done this month and next and the world moves into a new level of balance…where do you want to be? What new level of business, personal goals or spiritual growth do you want to experience? This is like setting a GPS coordinate for the mind and emotions. By setting your energetic destination you can weather out a huge storm on the ocean. Your boat ends up being carried by the storm energies exactly to where you want to be

So this is what you can be doing for yourself individually….Rest, be quiet, stay in your knowing even when things get crazy, and orient to where you want to be in a couple of months.

But what about the bigger picture of the Earth, governments, stockmarkets and such? Well this is where I differ from others who are predicting things about this interesting time on planet Earth.

What I know is that Earth has been preparing for all this wild flux of energy that’s circling in and around her. In 2012, Earth developed a Crystalline Grid as part of the shift and her evolution. Where the mother goes, there goes all life and we, too are developing a crystalline energy system. Those who began arriving in the 1980s already had this energy system in place and are known as the Indigos, Star Children and Rainbow Beings.

If you were born before 1980 it is possible to develop your crystalline energy system through an energy activation which I offer for free on my website. In a little bit, I’ll tell you where and how you can do this.

But first let me tell you about why you want a crystalline energy system. We already have an electromagnetic energy system, why do we need something else? There are many reasons but perhaps one of the most important ones is because of the amount of energy that is streaming on to the planet.

All energy systems must be able to assimilate energy and order and organize it. Our electromagnetic energy system is currently overloaded…and just like any energy system in a house or a building that is overloaded, fuses begin to blow.

The Crystalline Energy System, however, is able to handle tremendous amounts of energy without blowing out it’s fuses and it’s able to assimilate it and then order and organize it at a greatly accelerated rate compared to the electromagnetic energy system.

What most of the psychic and intuitives who are reading the future don’t understand is that we and Earth are better able to deal with these energies than we realize. Things just aren’t going to be as cataclysmic or apocalyptic as is being visioned because of the newly emerging crystalline energy system and crystalline grids on the planet. If you were born before 1980, I highly recommend you listen to the energy meditation for activating your crystalline energy system. You can do so by clicking on the link right over here. You might want to finish listening to this video first, though!

There’s one last piece I want to talk about before I look at each week of the coming month. It has to do with ascending or descending transformation. As a soul we generally are ascending, becoming higher in vibration until we merge with the Divine again. But some souls are experiencing the opposite. Their direction would be called down, meaning losing order and organization and vibration. This is because we live on the planet of free will and choice. You get to decide which direction you are heading into.

During this time of year, although usually more in October than in September, we become very aware of the descending souls. There are archetypal myths about this such as the shamanic ones of traveling into the underworld, or the religious ones about going to hell. This discussion is about what happens energetically, though. When the soul chooses to descend and loses its knowing or consciousness as well as its ability to reorder and organize, it eventually ends up in the great recycling bin of the Universe, also known as the Void. The void is the energy of pure creative potential. All energies that gather there await the spark of the Divine that begins a new creative adventure. Currently there is a mass recall of descending souls into the Void for creative recycling. To balance this there is an equal number of ascending souls who are exiting into the Light of the Divine. Those of us who are staying on the planet may notice the exodus in one way or another. If you feel a sense of dread or a shadow pass over your mind, this is just a descending soul coming into your awareness. Don’t engage but focus on the light.

Perhaps one of the cooler things about the Crystalline Energy System is its ability to hold a great deal of light that does not attract or get entangled with the descending souls. In the electromagnetic energy system an increase in electric light was matched with an increase in magnetic dark. Descending souls have lost all ability to hold light and hence are attracted to electric light. The Crystalline Light doesn’t work through duality, however, and so doesn’t attract this type of energy. Yay! At any rate, if you happen to notice the passing of the descending souls, just step aside, pull your energy into your core and let them pass. Don’t engage on any level especially if you are a healer!

Starting September 12 or 13th depending on where you are, we begin the new moon energy for the coming month. The new moon is typically the darkest time of the sky, a time to really notice the stars. We begin this moon month, however, receiving a tremendous amount of light from the other stars on the outside edge of the Galaxy. This may light up your mind and particularly the endocrine system. You may find it’s hard to sleep as you’ll close your eyes and your mind lights up instead of going dark! You can trick your mind by leaving a light on in the hall or closet so that the mind has a location for this light. You can also shut down the 3rd eye a bit by wearing an eye mask. If you find your ears then become sensitive to sound, put some easy listening music on in the background.

The second week of the new moon, beginning Sept 20, holds the energy of mercury retrograde and equinox. It’s a time of “backward” or “Opposite” energy. Your normal intuition and inner guidance may get turned around. What’s up is down and in is out. Hello confusion and disorientation! Don’t get frustrated and start pushing or forcing for answers. Get still and wait for new clarity about how best to move forward. Place your awareness on the questions you are asking…the answers will find you in their own right timing.

Remember to connect to the Godspot within you for orienting. Moving into a new season may feel anticlimatic a bit, as the energies have been in place for almost a month. It’s still a good time to take stock of where you are and where you’d like to be at the end of this season.

This is a great week for your fall or spring cleaning. As you order and organize your house, you reset your grids and charge them with energy for the coming season.

The third week brings the full moon/lunar eclipse on September 28th. Although humans like to make everything about them, this full moon/eclipse is really about energetic alignment and recalibration that the Earth is doing within the solar system and the solar system within the Galaxy. The immensity of this energy is so huge, that to tune into it makes one feel quite small and insignificant. Many Old Souls may choose this as their exit point. Just as we choose when we’re born we also choose when we die. The pull to return home is very strong for an Old Soul so if you are experiencing a lot of problems this month…be grateful. They are they to keep you grounded in your physical experience.

This is a good time to align through intention to the big, bigger, biggest picture of things through the energy of transformation. Your mind doesn’t have to have it all figured out because some other Divine Super Consciousness has already done that. You get to choose, however, to align with it or to stay in resistance to it. I know which one I’m choosing! Above all enjoy the magnificence of this lunar eclipse, although I recommend that you just do a very small dose of it. Sudden and rapid expansion can catapult you out of your body unexpectedly, messing up your energy systems

You can also download higher levels of yourself during this time. It’s like getting a card on a game board that says to skip ahead 10 spaces. Again…reorienting after this is very important.

After that powerful week, the 4th week beginning on Oct 4 may feel quite empty. This is the emptiness that can occur after a tremendous expansion of consciousness. Perhaps you got a glimpse of the bigness of your destiny the week before and now it’s back to chop wood, carry water. Reengage with your life and relationships even while you wonder how do you get from where you are to where you envisioned yourself? The gift of the moon month of October will be the bringing of many of the tools you’ll need to get there.

This is gia combs-ramirez from the New Science of Energy Healing. Thank you for listening. If you have questions, please ask them in the comment boxes below. If you’d like a soul reading to help you align to your unique form of transformation, you can sign up on my website.

And if you are interested in learning the tools that work with the Crystalline Energy System check out my new homestudy program, beginning the end of October.

Many blessings of light and joy for this exciting month to come!

The Challenges of Being an Old Soul

Old Soul JourneyWho are the Old Souls and why are they so different?

Old Souls are not religious but are deeply spiritual.

They’re interested in the paranormal, energy, metaphysics, the mystical, guides, transformation, consciousness studies and spiritual growth.

Currently about 10% of the population are Old Souls, but that number is about to double.

If you’re reading this post, odds are you’re an Old Soul.

Old Souls don’t operate in the world the same as others. What they do must have meaning and purpose. Five year plans just don’t work for them. Oftentimes, money doesn’t work for them, either, as it’s a concept unique to humans that younger souls are more concerned with. For Old Souls it’s a “been there, done that” attitude.

It’s easy to get out of timing as an Old Soul. Although Old Souls are hugely gifted and powerful, when they are out of timing with themselves or the world around them, they can’t access their gifts or their power. Being in or out of timing makes manifesting all or nothing for the Old Soul.

And then there are the relationships. Many Old Souls can have a hard time finding that one beloved. The truth is, it’s not about the “finding.” It’s about whether or not the Soul wants to hook up this time around or not.

And there’s the rub for Old Souls. If the Soul part of you doesn’t want what the human part of you wants, there’s going to be some major conflict in your life.

When the Old Soul gets weary of the Earthly plane, but it’s not time to leave yet, how does it reengage (or if it doesn’t, what does it do)?

How does the Old Soul receive support when it is so focused on service? And how can the Old Soul reconcile the wants and needs of being human with the wants and needs of the Soul?

And why does the Old Soul choose to play by different rules than the rest of the world, making things hard when they could be easy?

Join me for a free class where we discuss these points plus other challenges of the Old Soul.

Sign up here get access to the class.

I look forward to hanging out with you and our fellow Old Souls celebrating that we do life differently!Old Soul Challenges