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Attunement—a ceremony that opens and connects the energy fields, bodies, and channels to a certain field of energy such as Reiki.

Alchemical Point—when the body reaches a critical, vibrational point it sets off a spontaneous reorganization throughout the entire system bringing in greater coherency and higher vibration. This is a desired result in a healing session.

Chakras—energy vortexes that organize energy as it enters the body. There are seven main ones on the body, although there are many smaller ones notably associated with the joints.

Consciousness—energy of awareness and intelligence. There are many types of consciousness that make up the universe.

Core Energy/Essence—that energy that relates to our essential Selves or the Soul. Physically it is a column of light seated in the spine and connecting the chakras or energy vortexes in the central body. Optimally it radiates out through our entire energy field. In relationships or healing, it is desirable to connect core essence to core essence.

Energy Body—the consciousness in charge of regeneration and repair of our body and energy anatomy. The Energy Body interfaces between the conscious and the unconscious mind.

Energy Channels—includes the meridians, grounding cord and hara line. These channels exist for energy to circulate through the body as well as ground our physical and emotional bodies to the Earth.

Energy Field—the electromagnetic field that is created by the body and sits 3-5 feet around us. It is a protection element for our body systems.

Energy Healing—working with the organizing forces that create and infuse matter.

Enlightenment—literally the ability of the body to hold more light photons through all levels and systems, including the cells and DNA. This causes a greater electrical charge giving us a greater power on the planet. It also increases our understanding of how the universe works as light holds holographic information. Our free will determines how we use this power.

Free Will and Choice—our Souls have free will and choice on this planet. This spiritual attribute requires developing discernment and right use of power.

Healing—refers to invoking unified states of order, alignment, integration and balance within our entire system. Creating synchronous relationships within the whole-being.

Horizontal Energies—those energies that connect us to our past and future as well as those we are in relationship with in this physical realm. The latter is primarily the Energy Field.

Immune System Response—when the entire immune system goes into fight or flight or throws up a mucous shield because of an unknown energy entering the body. Some people are unable to turn off the fight or flight mechanism, until they experience adrenal exhaustion. Colds are about throwing up mucous shields so that incoming energies can’t enter the energy fields.

Indicator Signal—a body response either within ourselves or from the person we are working with that indicates when it is appropriate to move in a healing session. Common indicator signals are a change in energy felt in the hands, sighing, or just a “knowing.”

Karma—unfinished lessons. Because we can hold a greater vibrational charge throughout our physical bodies at this time on the planet we can heal and release a vast majority of our Earth karma. This in turn increases our vibrational frequency. Each time we increase our vibration as we spiritually expand we access new levels of karma incurred when we last held the same vibration.

Personality Energy Grid—along with the physical body, this is part of the housing, or protection, for the Soul. It includes the personality, psyche and ego, which are created from the soul’s blueprint for the lessons and tasks it’s learning each lifetime. The personality has developmental stages that help it hold more of a spiritual (electrical) charge as a person grows older. The personality and Soul can get out-of-sync from unresolved traumas or from unbalanced spiritual growth.

Quality of Presence—a person who has a highly coherent, vibrational energy field throughout his/her entire energetic anatomy. The greater quality of presence we carry as healers, the greater the results are for the receivers.

Vertical Energies—includes the physical body grounding cord, the emotional body’s hara line, certain mental body energy grids around the head, Core energy, and the heavenly cords of light that extend upward through our whole spiritual body. All of our emotional needs are answered vertically. In the past many of us developed strong vertical energies but weren’t able to express horizontally. This would build up tremendous frustration through the energy anatomy as the forward movement or growth of the Soul was affected.

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