2010 Energy Reading and Alignment | Spring

by gia combs-ramirez on December 25, 2009

Note: This is the second part of a series for a general reading and alignment for the energies of 2010. You can order a personal energy reading and alignment until Jan 10. The following information has two levels, one that is a general public one (the energy reading) and one that is speaking to those who sent in their intentions (the energy alignment).


Spring 2010


For many, the second trimester will be a time of suspension. After the increased intensity in the first trimester this can bring some relief or it can increase the anxiety around growth and transformation. Fears of being left behind can surface.The world will appear stalled out and more structures fall apart. It will appear as if several countries are about to "push the button" and there will be holding of the collective breath. It will also be more difficult to sense or perceive your spiritual support during this time.


So where's the good news? The good news is that this is how it appears, but is not what is really happening. It will take great clarity and insight to navigate through this time and not become despondent. Those of you who are also getting the energy alignment will have different resources to draw on during this time, that will support greater clarity, balance and integrity.


In movies this is the part when the hero appears to have lost all hope in a successful outcome. When it is darkest before the dawn. Although external action seems impossible, right internal action is critical. If you don't already know what your deepest, most sacred commitment is now is the time to discover it. Reconnect to it and affirm it. Often you will discover it from the midst of the external chaos. If it seems you are surrounded by hatred for example, you might discover that your most sacred commitment is about love. If you are surrounded by despondency and lack of hope, your most sacred commitment might be about faith and believing in the ultimate goodness of the universe. This time serves to remind you of what is most important within you as that same quality seems to disappear in your external world.


The reason that the world at this point seems devoid of hope is that all energy of Light withdraws for a time and no longer supports any structures or form on the planet that is not in alignment with the incoming transformational energies. The structures not in alignment then collapse and only those structures maintained within by your sacred commitments will be left standing.


We speak of this time not to frighten you but to encourage you to stay focused on your own path. There is a plan that is unfolding and for the most part the human biological consciousness can not fully understand it or comprehend it. Yet this is not meant to encourage you to be like a child who trusts in the parent for protection and guidance. You are meant to step out and cocreate in the new world that is emerging. It is important to know that the so called "negative" aspects during this time is what is falling away. If your attention is placed on what is coming in and open to creatively interacting with this energy, you will find yourself living in a very exciting time.


It will be important to maintain your health during this time. The immune system is extremely sensitive to changes in light, and though sunlight will be the same, spiritual light will be arising from within instead of without. The energy alignment will be helping to calibrate the immune system to this change in direction of Light.


Magnetics will be very strong during this time which on one hand makes it easier to make money, but on the other hand can create a backlash. Maintain your integrity and alignment to the incoming energies of transformation, resist greed and the abundance will be long lasting.

Relationships can become more problematical during this time as those who don't know how to maintain their connection to the spiritual Light will be graspy and needy with those who do.The energy alignment will increase your overall vibration where others can not hook into or drain you of your Light.


For those doing the energy alignment here are the coded statements to maintain right balance with the new energies. Say them whenever you feel out of alignment with yourself or with the circumstances around you.


March 21-April 20: I stay in balance and clarity during this time by maintaining my integrity with the incoming transformational energies.


April 21-May 20: Maintaining integrity, I am sustained by clear insight to my sacred commitment.


May 21-June 20: My integrity with the incoming transformation energies is maintained through playful service.


A note from gia to those receiving the personal energy reading and alignment:

I was startled with this info because it looked so very different from my own personal reading/alignment. I then asked, if that was specific to me or to any of the personal readings and received the affirmative about the personal reading. When you receive your own reading it will not compare much with this reading...once again an indicator that there are two very different energies present during 2010 and it will take specific energy techniques to access the fullest potential inherent within the year.

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1 Meg 05.15.10 at 3:40 pm

Hi Gia,
Reading this makes me wonder about a few things. I am a teacher and the energy/atmosphere at school has a very heavy negative undertow. I work at a Catholic school and there is a lot of beautiful ideals and energy there, but the undertow is so heavy. THings seem to be fragmented and there is an increasing edge to the behaviour of the children. Staff morale seems to be very low. As such I am constantly exhausted. Can you please recommend some protective actions I can make, or how I can further my energy alignment?
This sentence made total sense to me:
"Relationships can become more problematical during this time as those who don’t know how to maintain their connection to the spiritual Light will be graspy and needy with those who do.The energy alignment will increase your overall vibration where others can not hook into or drain you of your Light."
Best regards

2 giacr 05.17.10 at 10:52 am

Hi Meg,
I do recommend that you take the homestudy course for Level 1 of Crystalline Consciousness Technique. It will let you set up a crystalline energy field for yourself, your class room and for the entire school if you want to. It will make a huge difference in the positive attitude of everyone. Here is the link for ordering it: http://sites.google.com/site/cctlevel1homestudy/

Let me know how it goes!


3 giacr 06.10.10 at 6:19 am

The best advice I have is to learn how to set up a crystalline energy field for any group that you are a part of. This simple technique very quickly creates an atmosphere of happiness and joy. To learn this technique in a homestudy course and for more information go to http://sites.google.com/site/cctlevel1homestudy/.

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